Safe protein from unused waste

Project website

Duration: 36 months

Leader and Partners:

  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden) - Leader
  • Eawag/Sandec (Switzerland)
  • Pacovis (Switzerland)

Funding Organisations:

  • FORMAS (Sweden)
  • BAFU (Switzerland)

Project Summary

The objective is to develop a turn-key solution for waste-to-value treatment where fly larvae convert waste into valuable animal feed and fertiliser. Within the project, design specifications and a market-ready prototype of a modular unit for converting organic waste into insect-based animal feed will be developed. The aim is to produce SPROUT waste-to-value treatment units and post-market support for small- to medium-scale organic waste treatment.

Impact and Vision

The SPROUT (Safe Protein from Unused wasTe) project will develop an insect-based treatment system for converting food waste and animal manure into valuable end-products such as animal protein feed and high-quality fertilisers. The treatment will introduce a new value chain for organic waste management that is scalable and adoptable for Europe as well as for other countries globally. This treatment system has a high potential in revolutionising organic waste management. The vision is that: in ten years timespan half of the new constructed organic waste management systems are insect biorefineries producing animal feed from waste.


Björn Vinnerås, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences – “ECO-INNOVERA gives a good opportunity for international collaboration on medium project size level, in comparison to other EU projects. It is very good to see that technical development projects are promoted also as most often evaluations and impact assessments are the dominating project types as they have considerably less risk associated to the project.”