Energy-Aware feeding SYstems

Duration: 36 months

Leader and partners

• France: LAAS-CNRS (Leader)
• Spain: University of Navarra / Department School of Economics & Business Administration
• Spain: FAGOR
• Sweden: University of Skövde Department Virtual Systems Research Centre

Funding organisations

• France: Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR)
• Spain: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovacion (MICINN)
• Spain, Basque Region: Sociedad Publica Gestion Ambiental Ihobe S.A (IHOBE)
• Sweden: Forskningsradet for Miljö, Areella Naringar och Samhallsbyggande (FORMAS)

The EASY project aims at promoting energy-aware practices for internal supply operations management, so enhancing the environmental performances of factories. One objective is to analyze the raw-material flows across the factory, from the warehouses to the assembly lines, focusing on energy consumption aspects. The feeding system of the assembly line of FAGOR Electrodomesticos, Mondragon, Spain, will particularly be studied under this viewpoint. Then, on the basis of a better modelling of the relationships between energy costs and tactical/operational decisions, aided-decision tools will be designed and implemented. These tools will involve simulation and optimization techniques intending to highlight best minimum energy-costing decisions and, beside, to favour energy awareness of decision makers.

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