Low cost production process improvement for sustainable resource usage

Project website

Duration: 36 months

Leader and Partners:

  • Lean Enterprise Institute (Poland) - Leader
  • Gaweł Zakład Produkcji Śrub S. A. (Poland)
  • Teknotel Krom Ev Urunleri, Ltd. (Turkey)
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (Germany)

Funding Organisations:

  • NCBiR (Poland)
  • Tubitak (Turkey)
  • BMBF (Germany)  

Project Summary

The Eco Lean Compass project aims to reduce environmental impact of the manufacturing industry. It is oriented toward the development of organizational eco-innovations that enable costs savings parallel to energy and material consumption decrease, as well as reduction of emissions.

The ECO LEAN COMPASS expected results include:

  • A  methodology of production process improvement with case studies
  • An enterprise transformation program supporting implementation of the methodology designed for the purposes of production companies, their suppliers and customers
  • Transformation program along with supporting material for the purposes of business support organizations
  • Recommendations for policies and standards
  • Principles for equipment design for the purposes of manufacturing machine design companies.  

Impact and Vision

ECO LEAN COMPASS takes advantage of the synergy between Lean Management (a commonly utilized approach to improve manufacturing processes in order to gain financial benefits) and various environmental approaches that are being widely used to achieve greater sustainability of production. 

The project is intended to influence the market by increasing the percentage of companies using Lean-based approach to reduce their environmental impact. It will also give relevant  recommendation for policymakers as well as guidelines for the companies designing manufacturing machines.