Network of stakeholders in Eco-Innovation


Cooperation and shared strategies for biodiversity research programs

BiodivERsA aims to establish itself as a source of regular funding with the launch of one joint call a year – with the two first calls, 19 projects have already been successfully funded. To foster a coherent vision for the setting of priorities in biodiversity research, as well as to avoid wasteful overlaps in project content, BiodivERsA has established a common rolling agenda to support research.



Catalytic Processes for Innovative Technology Application

CAPITA is an ERA-Net, created with the goal of establishing enduring transnational cooperation in applied catalysis research leading to innovative and exploitable manufacturing technology for chemicals, materials, and energy.



Climate Impact Research and Response Coordination for a Larger Europe - Science meets Policy

CIRCLE-2 is a European Network of 34 institutions from 23 countries committed to coordinate European transnational research funding on Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation (CCIVA) and to facilitate the transfer of research out-comes that European and national decision makers need to design effective yet eco-nomically efficient Adaptation initiatives and strategies.



Eco Innovation Action Plan

The Eco Innovation Action Plan is a co-operative initiative between the European Commission, Member States for development of environmental technologies. This is being achieved through a series of measures to promote eco-innovation and the take-up of environmental technologies.



Public innovation partnership for better policies and instruments in support of eco‐innovation

ECOPOL’s mission is to foster transnational cooperation in the development and implementation of better eco‐innovation policies and instruments. 3 issues are in focus: green public procurement as powerful demand side instrument, waste & recycling as a sector with very high CO2 footprint and high potential for business creation, and internationalisation as means to increase productivity by enlarging the markets for eco innovators.



EcoWeb is a dynamic e-dissemination platform for EU eco-innovation research results

EcoWeb will bring EU research results on the area of eco-innovation and clean technologies, to enterprises through semantic-web-technology and existing eco-innovation networks and multipliers.



A network of research councils for the development and implementation of joint bottom-up European programmes for curiosity driven research

ERA-Chemistry is a consortium of 11 research funding organisations from 10 European countries with the goal to develop and implement joint bottom-up European funding programs. The network is focused on establishing European collaboration in chemistry research and neighboring disciplines without national or formal boundaries, and moreover, it increases the competitiveness of chemical researchers in Europe by developing and implementing new European research conference schemes.



Network on the Industrial Handling of Raw Materials for European Industries

ERA-MIN is an ERA-NET program on the Industrial Handling of Raw Materials for European industries and is supported by the European Commission's 7th Framework Programme. Currently comprising 11 partners from 9 countries, ERA-MIN aims at setting up networks and mechanisms to foster research in the field of industrial production and supply of raw materials, in line with the “EU Raw Materials Initiative”.



Network for market orientated industrial R&D and Innovation (Belgium) 

EUREKA is an intergovernmental network launched to support market-oriented R&D and innovation projects by industry, research centers and universities across all technological sectors. EUREKA enables large companies, research centers, universities and national administrations to cooperate in near market research and development. EUREKA aims to simplify the work of SME’s by cooperating closely with the national networks and contributing to cutting red tape procedures, not using external consultants as well as developing and promoting EU standards.


Europe INNOVA 

European Commission, Directorate-General for Enterprise & Industry, Innovation Policy Directorate (Belgium)
European initiative which aspires to become the laboratory for the development, testing and promotion of new tools and instruments in support of innovation, with a view to helping innovative enterprises to innovate faster and better. The aim is to support all forms of innovation, taking into account the great societal challenges of today.
Fields of expertise: Research / Policy


European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP)

Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB) (France)
Raises the sector to a higher world beating level of performance and competitiveness. This is achieved by analyzing the major challenges that the sector faces in terms of society, sustainability and technological development.
Fields of expertise: Society



European Technology Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies

EuMaT is a multi-sectoral, cross-cutting activity involving amongst others: Energy, Construction, Transport & Manufacturing industries. One of the main objectives of EuMaT is to develop knowledge and capability in Europe in the field of advanced materials and technologies for clean energy generation, transmission, storage, and low energy processing and energy conservation.


Eco-Innovation Observatory 

The Eco-Innovation Observatory provides a platform for the structured collection and analysis of an extensive range of eco-innovation information, gathered from across the European Union and key economic regions around the globe.


European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources (ETP SMR)

EuroGeoSurveys, the Geological Surveys of Europe (Belgium)

The European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources (ETP SMR) aims at modernising and reshaping a fundamental pillar of the European economy:
the European Minerals Industries. These include oil, gas, coal, metal ores, industrial minerals, ornamental stones, aggregates, smelters as well as technology suppliers and engineering companies.
Field of expertise: Industry



Professional promotion of eco-innovation knowledge through an integrated expertise platform for policy makers, SMEs and the public in view of boosting the Green Economy

GreenXpo aims a faster and wider uptake and exploitation of technological as well as non-technological eco-innovations, in addition to good policy measures related to eco-innovation. In addition to pooling the knowledge on a single online portal at, we are proactively promoting the available knowledge to policy makers, enterprises and society.



Greenovate! Europe EEIG (Belgium)

The INNOVATIONSEEDS interactive portal for environmental research and knowledge repackages 100 promising EU-funded environmental R&D results to accelerate their uptake as policy measures and market success. By communicating research results in a usable manner, INNOVATIONSEEDS helps research teams, policy makers and technology users identify and communicate about new eco-innovative technology and knowledge.
Fields of expertise: Industry / Policy



Knowledge and Innovation Community

The KIC is the independent but operational part of the EIT(European Institute of Innovation and Technology), which puts the innovation web into practise. KICs (Climate-KIC, KIC Inno Energy, EIT ICT Labs KIC) are a highly integrated, creative and excellence-driven partnership which brings together the fields of education, technology, research, business and entrepreneurship in order to produce new innovations and new innovation models that inspire others to emulate it. KICs will be active in areas of long-term societal challenges, offering new opportunities for innovation in Europe and generating real impact in terms of new business creation, entrepreneurship education and societal benefit. KICs build innovative webs of excellence across the knowledge triangle with the intention of addressing key societal challenges.



Lead Market European research Area network

The LEAD ERA project is aimed at fostering the coordination of a series of trans-regional programmes dedicated to research and innovation within the highly innovative and technology based themes of the EU Lead market initiative.



Manufuture Technology Platform

The mission of the European Technology Platform Manufuture is to propose, develop and implement a strategy based on Research and Innovation, capable of speeding up the rate of industrial transformation to high-added-value products, processes and services, securing high-skills employment and winning a major share of world Manufacturing output in the future knowledge-driven economy.
Field of expertise: Industry



Innobasque (Spain)

The objective of MANUNET II is to foster the competitiveness of Europe’s Manufacturing Industry by supporting the funding of manufacturing research projects performed by enterprises (preferably SMEs), research centers and universities.



European Commission, Directorate-General for Enterprise & Industry (Belgium)
Aims to become the focal point for innovation policy analysis and policy cooperation in Europe, with a view to learn from the best and contribute to the development of new and better innovation policies in Europe.
Fields of expertise: Research / Policy



Cefic – The European Chemical Industry Council (Netherlands)
SusChem is the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry. It was created in 2004 as a joint initiative between Cefic, DECHEMA, EuropaBio, GDCh, ESAB and RSC with the main objective to revitalise and inspire European chemistry and industrial biotechnology research, development and innovation in a sustainable way.
Fields of expertise: Industry



Towards Zero Waste in Industrial Networks

The ZeroWIN-project will examine and develop new and innovative approaches and effective strategies for the prevention of waste in industries based on industrial symbiosis. Industrial Symbiosis is concerned with regional collaboration of companies from traditionally separated sectors which exchange by-products, energy, water and materials in such way, that the waste from one industry becomes raw material for another. ZeroWIN concentrates on industrial networks in the automotive, construction, electronics and photovoltaic industries.