Eco-Innovations, i. e. “green” technologies, processes, products and services have an increasing impact for the global competitiveness of European industry. To reach a worldwide leading position, it needs to boost the implementation of Eco-Innovations in industry, especially in SMEs.

Supporting Eco-Innovation

ECO-INNOVERA will support research and dissemination in the field of Eco-Innovations. The success of Eco-Innovations is determined by criteria that will be promoted through multi-level and systemic approach, considering the social, economic, political and technological context. To promote the development and implementation of Eco-Innovations in Europe, ECO-INNOVERA will

(1) provide best practice for research planning and funding on Eco-Innovation,

(2) establish a  networking platform for information exchange on Eco-Innovation in Europe,

(3) assess potentials and challenges of research on Eco-Innovation and develop measures to address them and

(4) develop target-group specific dissemination strategies to support the diffusion of Eco-Innovation along the whole value chain.

International Network

ECO-INNOVERA is supported by 25 partners from 20 countries and regions all over Europe, incl. Turkey and Israel. We aim to support research, innovation and environmental policy makers with best practices for funding Eco-Innovation. Researchers will also profit from facilitated access to transnational research. The development of common metrics for the ex-ante assessment will help to take the whole life cycle of a project/programme into account. Activities for a better Eco-Innovation transfer from research to industry and market will be performed: e. g. assessing the role of information technology and of integrated concepts like ‘green technology parks’. The public awareness of the ERA-Net and Eco-Innovations will be promoted via target-group selected tools and active interaction with stakeholders and/or expert networks.



Coordination - PtJ
on behalf of BMBF

MSc. Evelyn Echeverria

Project Management Jülich

Phone: +49 30 20199-3134