Welcome to the ECO-INNOVERA Platform

ECO-INNOVERA focuses on the support of eco-innovation in research and development. R&D as the first pillar of the value chain has a key function to provide markets and society with new products and services. To reach a worldwide leading position and being globally competitive, Europe needs to boost the implementation of eco-innovation in industry, especially in SMEs, as well as in the society.

Our network of 25 European partners will address a board range of topics on eco-innovation - from research to dissemination. We will provide information on Eco-Innovation and build up a network for representatives from different fields on Eco-Innovation along the whole value chain. ECO-INNOVERA aims to support research, innovation and environmental policy makers with recommendations on how to boost the implementation of Eco-Innovation in R&D, economy and society.

ECO-INNOVERA at ECOAP Forum Hannover 2014

ECO-INNOVERA will present the results of the workshops on System Innovation at 16th ECOAP Forum


Systemic Innovation will speed up development of Future Cities

ECO-INNOVERA organised two Workshops focusing on Future Cities and Resource Efficiency to get a shared understanding of a systemic approach.


Pre-announcement ECO-INNOVERA Final Conference

ECO-INNOVERA Final Conference in Copenhagen PREANNOUNCEMENT!


International survey on eco-innovation parks

The Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) organized the workshop on eco-innovation parks.


Kick Off - 1st transnational Call of ECO-INNOVERA

The kick off meeting of the 1st ECO-INNOVERA call took place in Brussels on September 11th 2012.



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